• I just got my payment plan agreement letter from them Friday,signed,sent back, they are making payments of $840 @ month for 5 months...gave the schedule when it would be paid each month....the person to contact is Austin, she is at 1-888-380-2424....and as stated before....I am still getting paid by Secured Lending on a regular problems.As long as NREIS pays like they say I would have no problem going back with them.....their Commercial BPO's promised ok money, so maybe they'll get their act together now?

    • Crystal,

      Are you serious?  NREIS wants a payment plan?  Next to Bank of America, Secured is one of my biggest accounts.  I appreciate the notice, because I was totally blindsided when LPS lost Freddie Mac and cut us all off without warning.  Thanks for the update.

  • Hi Every one. Here is a what i did for company don't pay .

     If there is a BPO company that you have done work for and don't pay you. Send them a Email saying that you will file a complaint against them  with the District  attorney in there state and your state. Also you will report  them to your local state Real Estate commission and MLS Board for nonpayment.

    I have done that for 2 companies that we all know of,One company name starts with E and the other company starts I.

    After I have sent this email out saying this I got paid within 2weeks from one company and next day from the other company. The other company sent the check out fedex next day.

    Well of course i don't  get  no more work from them but at least now i can focus my time on the company that do pay for my work.

    Let me know if this works for so i know I'm helping my fellow friends at REO Pro

    If this helps you. Please keep in mind for referrals and if you know any REO company that is looking for a  REO agent in NJ please let me know.


    Good Luck

    • GOOD POINTS! I think we all should do this instead of wasting so much time emailing and calling them.

      • Really? We are talking about companies that DO NOT PAY, what is the main reason that they do not pay? Because they simply don't care. If a company plans to stay in business they may be behind on payment, but eventually you will get paid like IAS for example. Companies like UTLS formerly LandAmerica will file bankrupcy once again. Quality BPOs and "these other new $30 per BPO" flight by night companies we should have never nor will ever get involved with. I have never heard of Core Logic/FARVV, Clear Capital, Emortgage, Mainstreet, Mark2Market, PCV Murcor, Ocwen/Altisource, etc not paying their Vendors.

        I am still trying to figure out a solution to this situation, I have contacted my attorney who is not interested in taking cases like these and I did write an email to the attorney in TX that was posted on this blog. Contacting the BBB is definitely not the answer.

        In the mean time, we should all quit submitting applications to "new companies", stick to those who have proven to be trustworthy, investigate, investigate, investigate. If a company has a history of non-payment or begins to fail payments, stop doing business!! Evaluation Solutions never failed to pay me, but they failed to pay others, I have never done another BPO. We should continue to blog and report these issues including first and last name, the E company and the I company is not helping anyone...who are they anyway???


        • LOL,.... Yanoska. I dont like to bash company but the E company and the I company is all over this Blog about not paying.

        • Does anyone have contact infromation for M&T bank?  I have an asset manager that will not respond and I am owed a lot of money for REO work.

  • I'm having a problem getting paid from NREIS aka: Secured Lending Services for a BPO that I did in January.  After numerous phone calls and emails to their single contact Edward Gruden in accounts payable I have finally given up and told them to remove me from their list.  This is the first BPO that I have not been paid for in 2 1/2 years.   I was told they are on a 90+ day pay schedule.  I love it.  They demand a 2 day turn around but they can take 90 plus days to pay.  That essentially could mean forever.  Anyone else having problems with this company?

    • As I have posted before, Secured Lending Services has been by far, the best company I have worked for since doing BPOs in 2007. I can't understand why some of you are not receiving payment...Only thing I can figure its different States, different departments, different Lenders. All of my orders are from HSBC Bank.

      • Yanoska, I'm glad you've had good luck with them.  I'm new to this blog and now that I look I see that Ray posted on June 1st that SLS has quit paying so I guess that answers my question.  It's unfortunate that the amount of work we have to do in the first place to do a BPO doesn't stop there.  It's just too bad we have to continue working when it's done and submitted in order to get paid for our services.  

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