• I did so many Free BPO's for USRES in hopes of getting a listing, I am embarrassed to admit the number.  After about 10 freebies, I asked someone when a listing assignment would come my way.  The person I talked to told me that usually it takes about 10 to 15 BPOs before a listing is assigned.  So I did about 10 more, still no listing.  I began asking when I would receive a listing assignment after every BPO I did for them, to which they would reply, "you are next on the list as soon as an asset comes available in your market you will be the agent to get the assignment. So I kept plugging away, rationalizing that I have done so many if I quit doing them now I will never receive a listing and I figured an asset would have to come sooner or later.After about 40 BPO, thats the embarrassing part, I realized the listing assignment was never coming and I told them to remove me from their list.  They told me they would flag my account and as soon as an asset came available they would let me know.  Two years later I am still waiting for that listing. USRES is full of BS and I am a fool for falling for it.  Hopefully my experience described here will help other agents from being duped by USRES's un-ethical business practices. 

        • Ive heard they are having a very hard time finding agents to work with them now. I hope they will just dwindle away. Beth Chelson is very rude on top of it all. I hope she doesnt pop back up with another company. Shes hateful and shows no respect for the agents who have been feeding the company she works for (USRES). 

          • Beth is extremely rude. I have a few others that I think are also rude, hateful and vindictive.

          • I don't understand why these companies put up with rude employees and don't pay. With out the agents they wouldn't have a business.  I always get frustrated when they act as though the client is the most important aspect of their business and treat the agents as if we were expendable and worthless.

        • Just recently I noticed a call on my caller I.D. from them and chose to ignore it.  Been there done that with them and learned.

      • I actually have a listing right now that can't be sold because the wiring got pulled out through vandal.   Now it has to be listed for a crappy low price and I won't make even a couple hundred when all said and done if it sales after paying their referral fee, split with another agent and my broker fee and their E&O fees.  At this point, I don't care if it sales, I don't waste my time going and checking up on it as much as I use to and prefer to let it go to auction.  If they would have done what I advise them to do and that was instead of lowering the price ($50K), keep the price as it was originally listed and then offer credit to replace the panel/wiring which would have only been 1/4 of the reduction price ($12K) at closing I most likely would have sold it.  All the buyer wants to know is that there are no electrical issues all else could be fixed/upgraded at the investor expense after closing.  I explained to them that electrical issues is like a ghost that will continue to haunt sellers and buyers will run from such listings.  Why do they even hire agents if they don't go with an agents advise and knowledge of the area?  Regardless if the home is an  REO, previously a reverse mortgage or short sale, the fact remains in either transaction they still lose money trying to keep them on the market and just continue reducing the price, just a waste of everyones time.  Go figure?

        •  they pay the lowest commissions.

      • You mean Beth Chelson? Yes, very much so...... The commissions are absolutely horrible.

        • Yes Beth Chelson. That would be the one. Very RUDE. She does NOT respect agents AT ALL. 

          • she sort of barks at you.... no manners. so many of them are that way.

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