• BrokerPriceOpinion is insolvent and does not have money to pay agents (see BBB complaints and responses from BrokerPriceOpinion) .. however they are still requesting BPOs.

    • Did you speak with someone there? They owe me $1300 and won't e-mail me back. Thanks 

      • Send another email letting them know that you will have no other choice but to go directly to the lender for payment. That has worked for me in the past with another company.

    • avoid them

    • I am getting screwed by them now and they keep asking me to do their BPO's. 

  • Are there any updated regarding REMUSA? Are they still non payers? They have been sending me several bpos but I don't accept them. Please let me know if anything has changed.

    • I get paid..takes about a month

  • NREIS is ceasing operations. I am owed lots of $$$$.

    • Are you sure they are ceasing operations? Will Secure Lending be a part of it as well?

      • I just heard from an acquaintance at SL,....... National is going out of business the end of February....said that for right now SL is still in and will be in ....for " right now" is what they said.



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