• Hi Aimee,  I have been doing BPOs for 16 years and I discovered a 'secret" with SAM orders. Sometimes the emails are faster than the orders show up on your dashboard to accept. So, I used to think I was too late. Then I discovered that if I go in and they are not there yet, if I wait a few minutes and try again, then they are back on the list for me to accept.  Maybe this will help you get some of their orders.

      • I have found the same thing with SAM.  They don't solicit themselves much so there are many rural areas with one agent who gets most of the work.  They will negotiate most orders as well and are a good payer.

      • Appreciate the info, Sally.  I'll try this next time.

  • I love corelogic and clear capital.

    Valuation Partners pays on time too. The only problem is that they only pay 40 per order and is so hard to get them. If you're not right in front of the computer refreshing every second you wont get any. They'll send and email with 13 orders and I'll be lucky to get one or none. My guess is that agents get them with the automatic bpo catcher and i dont use that and wont, because I like to know the orders I'll get and not be surprise.

  • I guess I am very lucky. I have worked with several of these companies but have always been paid. Some of the very best that I work with are Corelogic, Clear Capital, Residential Review, Finiti and Equitrax. I have had no problems getting paid by Emortgage, Servicelink/Powerlink, Altisource or Singlesource. Hope all of you get your money but am also wondering why anyone would let the bills get so high and still continue to do orders.

    • If you work for a company that assigns over 20 orders to you every month and this company has been paying you regularly and consistently for 2 or 3 years and their payment schedule is 30 to 60 days its very easy to lose a couple of thousands if they go out of business. It could happen to anyone.

      Working for companies with a known history of non payment (even if some Realtors may be getting paid) or working with new BPO companies is something none of us should experiment with. STAY AWAY.

      • Under those circumstances, I can kind of understand. If a person has been with them a long time and they just all of a sudden start slow paying, I think that would be a red flag, but if they were always slow pay then, sure I can see how it happens. As I said, I guess I have been lucky because none of the ones I regularly work with ever take over 30 days to pay. Corelogic always pays once a month, every month and Clear Capital tends to pay within 2 weeks. Altisource usually pays within 2 weeks. Love those companies.

      • Glad you gave an understanding word about how you can be owed a lot of money.....thanks,you're right,it can happen to anyone...the trick is to not let it happen again.....I know when I get a new company call I come right to this blog and either look it up or ask about thanks everybody for your honest comments.

        • I just read on another blog "2 More Bite the Dust" that indeed SLS is going out of business as well as NREIS. I am really really concerned, I have not received payment yet on orders completed on December and just completed another 60+ orders through the course of the past 2 weeks. Have you received payment on December orders? All SOLID comments regarding SLS will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

          • If SLS was HSBC, it makes since...HSBC are moving their work to other firms, like LSI..

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