• no I got scammed by REO Pro Holding corps. Be careful.

    • Don't ever pay a company for REO's. They want you to pay but there is no guarantee of getting listings. The asset companies will let you sign up for free and some also offer a premium membership that really doesn't give you any more bang for your buck. I also don't pay companies that want me to pay to sign up for BPO's. They are all just looking for your money and if you do get either a BPO or listing it will probably be a dump in Timbuktu.

  • I did a BPO for Brillion Asset Solutions in February through Disposolutions - I found that they don't pay, don't respond to email, and calling their phone number goes directly to voicemail that is filled and won't accept new messages. 

    • You will get the run around with both companies not wanting take responsibility...Agents do not accept BPO's from Disposolutions.  Their clients generally go into mergers and never pay...

      • I do BPOs for Summit Holdings Group and REO America and I have gotten paid from them..... not many from either company and a little slower, however they do pay. I have noticed though I only have one REO client, Select Portfolio on that account and they take forever to list their properties or in some cases do not list them at all.

  • do not work for will not pay

    also got a request from kailerre -asked around,no response, so I decided to cancel the order,only to find out they take 90 days to pay-disgusting. I am glad I cancelled the order. I got suspicious when I could not find a tel # for them.

    so I just emailed them asking for a $5,000 retainer. hope they get the hint

  • More good pays:

    PCV Murcor 


    Goodman Dean



  • It going on 5 months now since I have completed BPOs for Broker Price Opinion/First Valuation....I havent been paid yet...

    • Do not do any more3 bpos for them.  They owe me over $2,000 for over 3 years now and I keep getting told that the check is in the mail.

    • and you won't. Send them a certified letter threatening to take them to court for the amount owed and also make sure to tell them that you will notify their state's attorney general. That usually gets a reaction. they are crooks. Just like Coast to Coast was

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