Reo Vendor Manager

Got an e-mil today againnnnnn

Now they are giving discount. Never got any thing from them..................




Thank you for your business with REO Vendor Manager, Old Republic and Equity Pointe join me in informing you that your subscription is approaching the expiration date. Our clients are still requiring that you have an active subscription with us in order to be eligible for REO listings. We are currently offering a promotional discount, if you would like to take advantage of this discount offer please call me and we can renew your subscription over the phone. Again thank you for your business with us!.


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  • REO Vendor Manager is a company which many Asset Management companies uses to do background searches, verify licenses, insurance policies, etc.  The do not assign BPO's or Listings.  I only learned of REOVM when an AM called me to assign listings and having an REOVM membership was a requirement.  I have received many listings from due to REOVM having done the leg work already.
  • Just did the training required for ORDMS & it is time to renew with REO vendor manager whom I have not gotten anything with.  Would love to know if anyone is getting anything through them, does not sound like it?
  • I've never gotten a thing from them either, and have done tons of BPOs for ORDMS but never heard a peep from Equity Pointe. I'd say it would have to be a pretty great discount to sign up again myself; I will give a company a year to give me something, but start to feel like I'm being taken advantage of when they start to ask for more money without ever giving anything in return.
    • I even had to chase EP down for payments they owed me for BPOs I done like year ago.

      They called me other day asking why I ignored their emails they sent 5 times.

      I told them I will not do anything for them anymore!

      Thanks everyone for updates.


      • I have never gotten anything from the REO Vendor Manager. However done many BPO's for Old Republic  but not through Vendor Manager.  Didn't renew the membership this year dispite the discount.
  • I've been getting the same e-mails. It's funny I had completely forgotten about them, I signed up with them last year and absolutely no communication, BPO's, or listings. I think I'll pass on them this time around and only keep the platforms that I get actual work from. I'm not interested in companies that only contact me when it's time to renew.


    If someone has had a good experience with them please post, otherwise I think they are just another company trying to survive on sign up fees.

    • Agreedddddddddddd
  • They sent me an email for $50 off a subscription for a new subscriber.
  • How much is the "Discount"?
    • Good Question, I even did not bother to call them and ask them. It was not mentioned in the e mail i have received.
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