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Has anyone had dealings with this website? Yet another REO broker/agent list site with fees from $0 up to $1100 per year for a "Gold" membership. Supposedly with thousands of hits per month from AMs looking for REO agents. I became a basic member some months ago and so far have not had any contact from potential clients who found me on the site. Has anyone had any listings from clients who found you on this site? I received another e-mail requesting me to join or upgrade my membership so it appears that they are stepping up their membership campaign. Anyone here have any feedback for us?

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  • No new work from REO ticker. Good friend of mine joined. He is an appraiser. No work. Only online directory that sends leads and, does give the AM and contact, is Coast 2 Coast REO. Have made a new contact from that site.
    • Oh I got badly hurt with this scam company. He charged me once and there was a hidden charged after six month again on my credit card. I called thAt scammer to refund my money but he never did. No lead no call. It is a fake website. I had to cancel my credit card due to his scam. Please never join this company
  • Dear Agents,

    Thank you for being members of In our ongoing efforts to help you attract more business, we consistently survey AM’s from over 500 Institutions Nationwide. The purpose of the survey is to ascertain how AM’s, your potential clients, wish to see the Broker/Agent information we display on We have added a “Tips & Tricks” page on with the results. Please check it periodically as we update the information as needed.

    In addition to Survey’s, our Marketing Department is in contact with thousands of AM’s every quarter to discuss industry changes, upcoming site changes, the latest software releases etc. We provide our Member Brokers/Agents and Vendors with a forum to showcase your skills, talents and experience to a national audience; the rest is up to you! (If you haven’t done so already, review the Tips and Tricks page and modify your showcase accordingly).

    If you have any questions, please submit your inquiry at: and a Regional Account Executive will contact you.

    Warmest Regards,
    Member Services

    Our goal is to help you showcase your skills, talents and experience to the REO industry in a meaningful and impactful way so that you can achieve your goal of attracting more business.

    Let everyone know that you are an experienced REO Specialist by proudly displaying the "REO Specialist Badge" on your website. Displaying this badge conveys to everyone that you are a highly experienced REO professional, with verified credentials, working with the nation's largest Institutional Sellers to stimulate our economy by helping people fulfill the American dream of home ownership. The Badge can be found at:
    • Mr. Chorzempa,

      Thank you for being a member of To answer your question about the specific companies that have used, during registration there is a drop down in the references section that lists every company that has utilized our services in one way or another. If you received an email referencing 500 institutions, I apologize for the error. The list includes over 1100 unique institutions and growing every day.

      We are in the process of obtaining permission from each of these companies to list their names and contacts on our site. However, we are running into opposition because just about every company we contact is unwilling to deal with the barrage of unsolicited agent contacts that come with such exposure.

      Lastly, a helpful hint: Search for your profile in your coverage area and be sure that you’ve uploaded a photo or company logo in addition to a brief description about yourself and your business practices. Before initiating contact, Asset Managers like to see who they are working with in addition to reading about what you have to say about yourself. Your profile is a chance for you to make your first impression. Make it a lasting one!

      I hope this helps. We wish you and all of our members the best of luck in achieving your goal of attracting more business.
      Agent Relations Team
    • Very nice, but I still do not know of any AM's that actively look for agent's on REOticker or assign listings to agents because they were found on REOticker. I also still do not know any brokers or agents who have gotten any work from paying to be listed on REOticker. I do not think it matters at all how many AM's may respond to a survey saying they would like to see agent info on a website if they do not use that website or the information on it.
      I do find it a bit odd, that instead of replying to the e-mail I sent to the member of REOticker's marketing department requesting references, REOticker chose to reply here with what appears to be their standard marketing blurb. If a potential client responded to an e-mail I sent to them requesting references, I would send the references. I would at least reply to that person in a like manner (if they called me, I would call them back; if they e-mailed, I would e-mail back…), not by a discussion group posting.
      Everyone, please understand, all I am saying is that I do not know of any listings that have been assigned because an agent was found on REOticker. It may happen every ten minutes. REOticker may be the most cost effective method of marketing one's REO services in the known universe. All I am saying is that I do not know this to be the case and when I requested some kind of references, REOticker did not respond to me at all, let alone supply any references.
      I do not think that it is unreasonable for us as REO agents to request references from potential service providers. Before we pay out several hundred dollars for a service, I think it is only prudent to try to find out how effective the service will be. After all, OUR clients request references. And we happily supply them.
      I know, I know, we just have to take a chance on some things. I was told that last week at the REOMAC conference by nearly every one of the sales reps who were trying to sell me something. How about this, If REOticker believes so strongly in their program, give me the membership. Once I receive the first bona fide REO listing from an AM who found me on REOticker and assigned that listing to me because they found me on REOticker, I will happily not only pay for the service, I will post here and tell everyone the story. Fair enough?
      Also, I would think that it might be good to understand the rules of the group I was posting on regarding blatant advertising or self prmotion....
      • Mr. Rodebaugh,

        Thank you for your timely response. There are thousands of bona fide searches performed on each month by AM’s from virtually every major institutional seller in the industry. We’re sorry we haven’t been able to introduce ourselves to the AM’s you’ve spoken to yet, but rest assured we will!

        Each and every inquiry submitted via our contact form is logged in our back office CRM system and responded to within one business day. We searched for your submission, using your name, and we were unable to find your inquiry. If your inquiry was submitted in any other format, we would not have received it. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

        We take great pride in the products and services we offer to the REO industry. Our Privacy Policy prohibits us from disclosing client and/or affiliate information. Please understand that even if we disclosed such information or provided references, each contact request is unique and is largely based on credentials and the Agents ability to clearly articulate why they should be given the opportunity.

        Lastly, please accept our sincerest apologies if we did not adhere to the posting rules of this forum. –Make it a great day!
  • I signed up for the basic too and I haven't had any response. I'm not comfortable paying for something that I know nothing about. The only time I get anything from them (like alot of others) is when they want money.

    Me...I'm looking to build more relationships and go off of referrals/word of mouth instead of dumping money into these programs that promise the world and not deliver. Not saying this specific company would but like I said, I haven't seen or heard anything yet. I'd rather put that money into something that is going to benefit my clients and my business/personal growth. But please let us know if you have anything come through. I hope we do. :)
    • I have requested REO Ticker to send my references from agents and AMs using the site to either assign listings or receive them. So far, no response from REO Ticker. I will post any response I get here.
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