I currently use Outlook for my contact and task management, but am looking into other options as a better way to tag, sort and report on contacts for follow up, etc. I'd like to use just one system to manage contacts and utilize a task workflow (like RES.NET) but not sure which way to go. I'm thinking about going with TopProducer 8i for a contact management database, but am also looking into some of the applications offered by lenders and outsourcers for REO task workflow (e.g. Taza, AMP, etc.).Thoughts?

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  • i use taza and love it. i pay $149 per/month and i currently handle 52 reo's. i would check out your options ebroker, taza, reomaestro and use what fits your business best. just a word of advice "cheaper doesn't always mean better"
  • Hi Lisa, I use ebrokerhouse and i am very happy with it, it helps me stay organize and make my life easier, and they have a great costumer service and the price is good.
  • thanks!
  • Hi Lisa. I reviewed and demo'd most of the packages out there. Looking at cost vs. performance, Taza was far and away the best. Web based, easy menus, allows for a central offer depot for buyers agents and you can set up multiple users for task assignments, etc, etc. My team loves it.
    • It seems good, but a little spendy?
  • Check out WiseAgent
    • Do you use it, like it? Anything else you can recommend - pros, cons... thanks!
  • My name is Thomas, I would love to give you a complete rundown of eBrokerHouse.com. This is the program you need. Call me anytime 702-580-0125
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