• I'm in business because Frank Patrick. Back in 2008 I purchase the top secret list, register and got 16 REO clients. All I have to say is thank you Frank. I don't know him, don't even know how he looks like but I coached with him and had success. My 2 cents
  • I was a member for quite a while.. As members, you had access to his library of REO contacts and BPO companies to register.. It was valuable info a few years ago, but REO is essentially non existent in my market so I no longer belong.. The $40/ month was worth it as I did get several REO Listings over the past few years..Hope that helps.. Renegades was not a derogatory term, that's what they called the "super star" listers......:-)

  • see my precious post anyone who so little concern for their product that would name is Renegades is not a company I would want to be associated with


  • the name should be your first clue

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