REO management software

I am currently using to manage my REO properties. I am interested in what others are using? There are several different companies out there doing it, however it seems as if many have abandoned the product and updates are no longer happening. Can you guys tell me how you are managing your properties, even if it is with an Excel spreadsheet? I have also considered and I am also very willing to compare and contrast TAZA with any other method you guys are using if you are considering it as an option.Thank you in advance for your response,Brent

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  • I use REO Maestro.  They stopped doing updates as well but is a good application.  If I wasn't using Maestro I would use Broker Brain or RIO Central.

    • Thank you for your reply David, your feedback is greatly appreciated! I would prefer to avoid any applications that are no longer being updated, so that really excludes both Maestro and Broker Brain. I was NOT able to locate RIO Central, can you post a link here? 

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