REO Maestro

I have not heard of this platform yet and have run across it on a couple of sites I am updating my E & O Insurance on.  Does anyone have any input on this program and is there a lot of companies that do utilize it? 

Thanks for your input.

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  • I tried it for a month and bounced. It is desktop based. This severely hampers it's capabilities!

    I also tried Taza and eBrokerHouse and ended up sticking with eBrokerHouse! You can't beat the price and it does everything I could ask for and then some!
    • Thank you Kyle, I too use e-brokerhouse and feel it is going to be going lots of great places. THanks for responding.
  • It is an internal office software, for you as the Broker/REO agent to help aid you in your reo tass for whichever clients YOU have...
    • Thank you for responding. I just wasn't sure as there are so many new and old out there now. Glad it's not another REO platform I have to pay to use. Getting too many of those now days. What happened to the good ol days of Res.Net and ReoTrans and DispoSolutions. Now there are a ton of things going on.
      Appreciate your input.
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