REO Listings going to Buyer's Agents?

OK, is it just me or are you seeing it to?  Are we helping asset managers find other agents? 


I have had three closings in the last month and all three had a place to ask for the selling agents information - Name, brokerage, Address, Phone, Fax and Email.  Well, I have completed those required fields and I did tell the agents that I have put their information in the system, as I wanted to see what they had to say about it.


Wow, two of them called me this week to let me know how much they appreciated my putting their information in as they both got high end listings!!  What is going on?  I got no listings this month but I helped the AM's find other agents to sell other listings? 


I've asked how my work and productions are and am told I am one of the top agents, but I don't see any report cards or verification of that and then to see listings given to agents that haven't even signed up to get them.  Then they call me and ask me how to use Equator and Res.Net because they are having a problem and don't understand how to do something? 


Believe me I truly am not complaining as it is team effort all the way around in this business, but it is just a little disheartening when I work so hard, get the certifications, the training, pay the fees for the platforms and do well over 1400 BPO's a year, so I know my name is out there, and they keep auto assigning me BPO's, but I do not get the listings, some one else does that had sold one of my listings.  My homes always have the utilities on, both types of lock boxes (combo and MLS) so agents that don't have or can't afford an MLS key right now, still can show the properties.  I try to return the calls within 2 hours if not immediately AND I make my weekly visits to my listings and keep them clean myself with a swipe of windex and a vacuum in my car.  Is all this not enough?


I was happy with 5 or 6 listings a month, but that has even gone down hill and the buyers agents that sold my listings are now getting the listings and thanking me for putting their name in.  Are other agents seeing that or am I the only one?  I won't lie and put in a false name in the fields, but it sure makes a person wonder!!!


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  • Beth,

    Now this I don't understand at all. Is this a small company or one of the larger well known companies? This seems to go against everything we all know. If an asset company is choosing agents that have no training, experience or track record why would they just assign them a property....a higher end property? I personally have upload and negotiated approx 35 contracts over the past 6 weeks (hot properties with multiple offers) all of which the agent info was uploaded as well. I would hate to see someone start getting listings for the work that I have done in the past three plus years.

    Very Strange, definately keep us up to date on this.

    • Hi Byron and Tony - Thank you for your responses. The problem seems to be through Equator and the one company it has happened with is Service Link. I hope I am not setting myself up for a loss of business with this post, however, I believe that everyone needs to be alerted to this problem. The other agents that have been kind enough to call me and thank me (I always let them know that I have had to put their info into a system in case they do get a call, I like to know who I am putting into a listing. LOL) seem to be getting their listings from Bank of America direct. It's frustrating because I have done BPO's for Bank of America direct and for the past three months have done over 50 BPO's a month for them and I'm not getting any listings from them. I ask them if they are on any lists or have ever worked with Equator before and they have said no, they just got an email and now they have signed up with Equator as requested. Gee, I pay for the top end of Equator and got certified, this is a little disheartening also. Shows there is no reason to pay that extra high fee in April again, huh? LOL
      I guess it's a new and ever chaging territory right now and I just have to learn to go with the flow. I love what I do, believe me, and I don't mean to complain! I know the business is going thru changes itself so I will keep pluggin along!! I do thank you for reading and "listening" though! That's why I like this forum, I can get things off my chest in an arena that many others understand.
      I still continue to try and do my best and make my Asset Managers look good to their clients. That is the true finality of all of this along with getting a new owner into a home of their dreams! I love that part!
  • Beth, I feel your pain and it is kind of weird, but will be nice if you tell us which company is doing that, so we can't avoid the same treatment. For what I know is that Ocwen at one point was picking up agents randomly from the local MLS and assigning properties all over. Just keep the business relationship with your client stronger will keep you in their database, sometimes visiting them at their headquarters pays back. However, is all about how much I want their business and escalate the concern to higher section of the company.

    Good Luck!
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