• Good Morning and I am echoing my colleagues: I received an email from Tom Oldefendt the President of Asset Mgmt Svc, LLC. I also, was optimistic until I reached the "application" fee. Which of course, I would be happy to submit, however, I do not know anything about this LLC nor Tom Oldefendt.

    Would someone be able to enlighten me?

    Thanks for your time.

    Kindest regards,


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  • Hi Jwiseiam,

    REO Intelligence has some great contacts. Larry Dallas receives his contacts from top REO Agents throughout the country. You will get some contacts that are no longer with the company but you have to expect there is a lot of turnover. Just make sure you’re following up daily with the contacts if you should decide to purchase any. He just came out with a Fannie Mae contact list & will soon be coming out with a Freddie Mac contact list. I will tell you that I’ve been approved for companies that have been closed by just calling and emailing the contacts. Sign up for his email list & every Friday he sends out a recorded email letting you know what’s going on with the Asset Mgmt Companies.
    Good Luck,
  • Hey Jwiseiam,

    I've been getting e-mail msgs from this site also. They charge by the company so the total cost could add up. As always, Jesse stepped right in and gave us good feedback.

    Good one!
  • Hey Jwiseiam:

    If you are looking for a list of Asset Managers to solicit directly, like a mailing campaign, then I suggest you get your information from a source rather than a reseller.

    I would use if I were you. I know that right now they have a deal, 1500 contacts for like $500.00. By the way, they also guarantee thier information is accurate so, once again, go to a data source vs. a data reseller, just my opinion.
    • Jesse, site will direct to Siemens PLM Software site. It seems to be the wrong URL . . . Could you verify that? THANK!!!
    • That's great feedback. Thank you!
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