• This company has been sending me emails, two this week alone. Has any Agent who has signed up or paid for the membership received any commissions on any of REO Industry Directory leads? They aren't even accredited with the BBB. I won't sign up & I think I will go shopping with that money.

  • Hi there, I have been tempted to sign up with this company because of the guarantee they offer, did somebody ever get a listing form an asset manager trough REO Industry Directory,,???

  • I just signed up with this company today - I paid $299 because they guarantee a listing and they also have a 100% money back guarantee... so I figured, why not :) I'll update you again if/hopefully when anything happens.

    • Have you received any work from them yet?  I am thinking of joining as well but $299.... I know they guarantee a listing within 6 months but... 

    • I signed up with them, paid the $99 because it was "guarantee".  When I complained and requested they make good on the guarantee, they offered to extend my subscription.  No..I want my money back.  Nope, the guarantee was only for more time in their useless directory.  Not much of a guarantee.  I think I will throw my money away on shoes or clothes or anything least I will have something to show for it.

  • Anyone can place an ad in any magazine.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who received any assignments or got any exposure to asset managers through this company. 

  • Did you sign up?
    • You can sign up for free and remain un-featured. Here's the thing, this company was just featured in Realtor magazine. How they did that is anyone's guess because they certainly are not breaking new ground but I digress...

      I signed up for featured at $99 9-1-2011 for 12 months just because of the Realtor mag feature. I know they will get lots of industry lookers just from that article and it's worth a shot in my opinion. Clients lists are built one client at a time. Anyone feel free to contact me and ask if I can attribute any business to this over the next 12 months. Again, I signed up Sept. 2011. 

      • Hi Robert,

        How did this turn out?



      • Now that it's been a year.... did anything ever come of this membership? Did you ever get any REO listings?

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