REO Expo 2012 are you going??

Early Bird registration cuts off 02/17/12 - this Friday.

I may go but not register and just attend the workshops and classes, though I hate to miss out on the Exibition Hall......still thinking about it all.  Especially in light of our changing market.

The Schedule of events is not up yet and only one key note speaker listed at this time......

If you are going to attend the 2012 REOExpo (registered or not - just going to Forth worth for the classes/workshops) please respond to this thread.

I would like to set up a lunch or other type get-together for all REOPro memebers who will be there.  We did this last year and it was great fun to meet each other.



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  • Man its coming quickly!  We'll probably be exhibitors again (Short Sale Specialist Network), many of our agents go there.  I'm amazed THEY haven't contacted me yet again with exhibitor info...

    We do a dinner party at all these for our agents as well!

    • Yes, I remember your great dinner last year - lots of networking, fantastic food and information.  A great experience.

      I am surprised also they have not contacted the web site, all they have listed are a few servicers as sponsors.  None of the AMCs, Fannie or Freddie or any of the many others that partisipated last year....maybe just too early.

      They are asking for people to sign up to speak on panels - so go for it Mike!  You have so much to share.  That would be awesome.


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