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I received a call from REO Expert Plus with a new REO assignment.  They are asking me to pay a onetime upfront fee of $500 to join.  I have never heard of them and cannot find any information (good or bad).  They are located at 110 E Broward Blvd #1700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301; 954-526-6500;  I did not see them listed on the REO Companies list.  Any information you can share would be appreciated.

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  • I hope to have answers soon. I am "participating" without giving up any money. If anyone else gets more info, please share!

  • This is the latest I got when asking for other agents working within their firm....


    We have agents asking for referrals all the time, and at one point and time we gave out 
    the information on other agents. Something had happen to one of the agent and we were
    told not to give out information on agents. So now that our policy not to give out those 
     types of infomation.  You can go online and go onto our website for further information.
    • Has anyone tried reo expert plus?  They just called me too and guaranteed money returned if I don't get a listing and they will also pay me for the bpo.  I would like to see something positive from a licensed agent before I move forward.  Also, if you have any bad experiences as well, please share

  • I did a little investigating, they use an address that is a regus office space, they say they have been in business for over 5 years, but their address is a temp office. I am staying far away from this one.

  • Hi,

    Just received same call to sign up.  Was assigned a property that does go to foreclosure next month for occupancy check and exterior BPO.   Any thoughts on legitimacy would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

    Charles Bonsignore

  • I got a call from Sandra Quarterman gave me the asset address then asked for the $500, I too couldn't find anything good or bad

    , any info would be helpful, I am very skeptical 

    • Hi Brenda,

          I just got a call as well...  Anything good or bad? Are they legit?



  • Warren Ellis just left me a message. Is this company for real or another pay to play?

  • Did you find out anything about these guys? I had them call me and he has given me two listings. I did occupancy checks on them but he never asked for any money. 


    • I decided not to pursue doing business with this company. I called the company that manages their office suite and they indicated they have not heard of them. The property they were going to assign me does not have a trustee’s deed or active trustee’s sale. I could not find out any information on the principals of the company from the person that contacted me or on line. I hope I did not turn down a good opportunity, but I could not find any positive information other than they have a nice looking web site.

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