Red Bell Real Estate

Anyone hear of Red Bell Real Estate?

I received an email from them stating I haven't completed their background check. I never remember signing up with them. Its a real estate company out of Utah, licensed to sell in all states. I found one review that claims that Red Bell is basically a software company selling real estate.... 

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  • RedBell bought up Mainstreet Valuations a few years ago. They have numerous operations but if you have registered through BPO Fulfillment they require but often waive the Red Bell Background check. At times - even thought they may fight you on this they have accepted background checks from Sterling and other sources.

  • Hi Matthew, Red Bell was involved with BPO Fulfillment/Mainstreet a few years ago and these sites were rebranded as Red Bell for a little while. I'd suggest calling BPOF or Mainstreet for clarification. Hope this helps :)
    • Thanks for the information. I'll give them a call this week.

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