• I ran into an Agent out of Miami that was traveling 130 each way to do 4 BPO's for a total of $200. How in the world does that money add up? If you use the IRS mileage allotment, it was $130. in auto expense,  not to mention the 8 hours or more in time making the drive.

        • Maybe she wanted a free road trip.

        • Kathy,

          It has to be new mathematical formulas that agents are using. I can't get my head around it.



  • Reasonable fee?  As much as you can get!  I probably decline 95% of bpo orders I receive as the fee is too low.  If they pay my fee, I'll it and do an excellent job.  Let someone else run around for forty or fifty bucks.  Instead of doing bpo's for 10 companies, I do them only for a few companies.  I know these companies systems and have built a relationship with them.  They know I charge more, but they know it will be done right and done on time

    • I agree Jim, I have not determined how some agent do $30 bpo orders.  My area is several counties and my prices vary with distance.  I decline more than I accept. I have seen people grab those $30 orders and I figured they were working for about $4 hour after car expenses.  I feel I need atleast $25/hour net to make it worth it. 

      • they know what their time is worth

  • depending on how far I have to go, I never charge less that $125 for exterior and $150 for interior. I have charged $250 before and they accepted. I have always gotten paid.

    • same for ne Violet just got 6 orders 100.00 each and I did not have to ask

    • Thanks Violet, there is value and profitability at those price points. 

  • I agree with the $100 fee, it is always some guy in India that says I ask too much but then I remind him we live in the USA where the cost of living is much higher than India, PI or Africa.

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