• Of course, the one thing that hasn't been accounted for is what area of the country we're all basing our frame of reference.

    $50 for exteriors in Jacksonville Florida won't get that job done in DC, or NYC, or usually Miami.

    There's a whole lot we've left unsaid here. 

    And if fast food workers get their way, who knows??

    • Thanks Steve, great point. I want to include all factors when taking on assignments, because the cost of doing business for me has increased. I can work for free on one, two or even 3 if I get 40-50 that are profitable. Margins are tight.

  • Violetta, very well said and I agree with you completely. I've often told some of these real low fee companies when they call me that for what they pay by the time I pay for gas their hourly fee is below or barely above minium wage. I tell them if I want to work for minium wage I'll go work at Walmart.

    • WALMART?????I never shop there, upgrade yourself to Target  

  • Its not just about money, its about respect too. If company does not respect your time and expertize, why work with them? My education and experience should be paid for appropriately, I would not accept less than $25/hr office position, so why would I work for less in real estate. If BPO takes 2 hours to complete including drive time and gas, then $50 is reasonable, if it takes more, then the fee needs to be increased. Companies that pay less should expect very poor and inaccurate results. I am in Florida where wages generally suck, the fee would be different in NYor CA, the fee depends on your hourly acceptable rate. I judge commissions the same way. I do not work with rentals because at the end the commission would be $10 per hour, I don't start my car for less than $25/hr.

    • Good morning Violetta,

      Thanks for your reply, your view is interesting, I would hire you as our CFO. 

      Thanks again,


  • You shouldn't go "out of pocket" unless your a non-profit entity, but you shouldn't expect to get paid more than reasonable, either.

    I charge a minimum of $50 for an exterior, and $100 for an interior, providing the location is in my service area, and is not a "combat zone". I charge additional when "carrying concealed" is needful, usually $30 to $50 more, because noone else will get out of their car in some of these areas, and everything has value, like returning alive.

  • The way I feel about it, if you can't make money working, why work? Some people don't have a concept of the cost of doing business, time, gas, wear and tear on the vehicle etc. They are the ones that do BPO's for next to nothing. They won't be in business long.

    • Good morning Kathy, 

      Thanks, I thought it was me. I would hire you as CFO.


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