So I know for years that RealtyTrac has run a shady business of teasing home buyers with potential "foreclosure" properties. Then when they sign up for their '7 day free trial', all of the sudden the card gets charged $49.95.

Fast forward to today. They now have IDX feeds up and running that seem updated and current with for sale listings. Has anyone recently signed up for RealtyTrac buyer leads?? Have you had any success with that? 


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  • I had once signed up for leads. unfortunately-they were giving me leads for "rent to buy "properties as well. most of those were bogus properties. Got a lot of calls, but they really require you to bait and switch you clients-not worth having 20 angry people out there to get 1 maybe-

  • I signed up with them last year and cancelled my subscription after about 8 months. 

    I did get a lot of email inquires but it turns out in my area about 95% of their 'listed' foreclosures were sold 1 - 3 years ago.  People were disappointed they could not get the screaming deals since my market has dramatically changed.

    I also noticed almost all inquires were not subscribed to RealtyTrac, nor on the free trial, so they had no address or information about the properties and could not see it had been "On the market for 1030 days". 

    I would look each property up in my county records before I would call the lead, only to find out it had sold, some times multiple times, since the foreclosure.  Very time consuming.

    I did not have a good conversion rate to other current available properties.  Maybe it was me, but I have had much better conversions with other lead programs.I did let my contact at RealtyTrac know their information was horribly outdated, but never saw any changes.

  • We have a buyer agency agreement with one buyer now. So far it was worth it, but we'll see if it converts into a closing. Just thought everyone would want to know.

  • I'm considering signing up as well..... well let everyone know as well!!

  • Hi 

    I just signed up with Realty Trac today. Will keep you posted.

    • I have gotten several leads. One is what I would consider hot.  Having conversations with prospect. They have to sell their house and then ready to buy. They recontacted me. 

      Will keep you posted.

  • Hey Michael,

    Any information, any at all, please let me know. I will watch this thread as well. I ask because I am considering putting REOPro in a place to work closely with RealtyTrac but, I need some feedback from our members on what their experience has been with them.

    • Thanks Jesse. I did decide to sign up. So far, the buyer leads have been coming in and they are cheap. Of course most buyers are looking for a 'foreclosure deal' and most are disappointed to learn that the home listed isn't really for sale via normal channels. Many are pre-foreclosure homes and a few have sheriff's sales scheduled.

      Still waiting for one of their normal IDX leads, so far it's been all oddity's.

      • I'm curious to. I was thinking of giving the a 3 month trial the price seems really right. Just want to make sure I'm not getting completely scammed! Any info from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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