I got an email yesterday from RealtyPilot about a class that would give me "special preference" for bpo orders.  It is an "extensive and valuable course", for $59.  And by the way, here is your discount code!  Did anyone else get this?  It sounds like another way to generate revenue to me.  Any comments??



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  • Very interesting discussion. I am in NYC and I have been using RP, received BPOs from 2 clients but really mostly 1, Green River. I received the request and asked the same questions you did, I did get a response. Have not signed up, getting less money and paying it out that way makes me think more. I have received so many requests for training and fees, we need some balance here.

  • Hi Barbara, what state are you in?
    • Hi Oscar:

      I'm in New Mexico, Albuquerque Metro/ and I work for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, HUD, VA and some misc. clients. 

  • Hi Shirlene:

    I use RealtyPilot for my REO management and I have received several request to do BPO's for clients  from them but I currently cannot do any excess BPO's because we are really busy with our REO clients.  I know BPO requests have come over.  The Realty Pilot BPO system had been one of the better ones I used for BPOS (used it for Fannie until they moved to Equator - I could still use it as a disclaimer but Equator complicates everything)  and it was soooooo nice, it has a RETS feed so you just enter the MLS # and the majority of the fields populate.  If you want to earn money doing BPO's, I suspect you will get some  from them and sure, the $59.00 may be a way to generate $$ and teach you their system but I can't say for sure - it is a good system.  I do know they picked up several BPO firms, I chose their product after reviewing every REO management software out there, they are responsive with technical support (Matt Duncan rocks and is my favorite) and I am pretty satisfied with their REO management tool (there isn't one that does everything), the BPO tool was really good.  On another note, I just added my buyers agents and and we will be doing our transaction management with the tool.

    Doug...if you read this, I think you still could do a better job with training. This is a complex system and if you run your office off of it, there is a lot to know. Technical support is helpful, there are some older videos,  but I still have issues and you could ensure you KEEP and grow the business by ensuring we are all well educated about everything the product does.  I would suggest more in-depth webinars on customizing tasks, running your office etc. If I were to leave as a client, it would be because I only use a small percent of the program and on my own...need more help.  I have 2 full time property inspectors and for the most part, the inspection portion is really good and keeps me compliant. We use Iphone/Ipads for this task and the inspections are automatically entered in our system.  I would also suggest you look at pricing for teams (I'm not complaining my price is pretty good) but adding more agents could get pricey and I don't make my buyers agents pay for this system.  All in all, before you talk smack about Realty Pilot, you should have spent time using other software - I did and I chose Realty Pilot and OfferRunway and no, I don't work for them, I run a highly productive REO office.

    • Thank you, Barbara.  I will take your constructive criticisms to heart and will refocus our efforts on enhancing the training for the system.  It is a very comprehensive system and it does take quite a bit of time to master it.  Thank you for your insight and suggestions.  Best of luck to you in your growing business.

  • I just can't get on board with this either.  I have asked repeatedly for a course outline and have not seen one yet.  I guess they really don't want my business after all. 

  • Hello All,

    I have done 3 orders in the last week for Pilot, and all are through Green River, now I have been asked to pay a fee by Pilot and I understand that this company is just the software to complete the order, so I have not and would need more than 3 orders a year to pay the $59.00, I have high blood pressure anyway, so I am not going to rant on how I feel about every Tom, Dick, and Harry wanting a fee and a back ground check, when every state has one for your lic. to be active, It's all a money tree for them not me and I am the one with 30 years of service. For example Five Brothers out of Michigan which I have worked for since 1990 (yes that is still 24 years) said they are being requested to have that back ground check, I explained to them the state law, they went back to the client and explained it to them and they emailed me back with "they agree with you, you don't need to waste the money" that is how the business is suppose to work. Now Mr. Williams if you can give me more clients than the Green River Account, which I worked for prior to Realty Pilot being born, let's talk, other wise its a money tree, sorry that's what it would be.

    Have A Great Weekend!    

  • Tony - I would like to make an informed decision on this and I have yet to see this course outline that you say you have sent.   

  • walk away, do NOT pay for BPO business

  • I am still waiting on that course outline .....

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