• I wish they would have the webinars recorded for later listening including their powerpoints.
    • During the webinar on Tuesday they did say that the past webinars would be available soon.
  • "Altimeter" aka Activity Counter? I just went to the Realty Pilot website and could not find the counter. Do you have to be signed up to see the counter?


    • Yes, you must sign up to see the counter and let me explain why.

      First off, it's a free 30 day trial period so, it doesn't cost you anything to get in, play around an check it out.
      Secondly, when you sign in for the 30 day free trial, it boost our numbers in coverage so, it makes it more attractive for lenders and asset companies to start coming on board.
      Thridly, it's a value add for members. If we can show trial participants what companies are offering assignments in particular zip codes and then RealtyPilot turns around and shows you the direct contact information for the Asset Manager in that company.........let's face it, that's better than paying 299.99 for a list of 50 AM contacts that you don't even know still work as a AM.
      • Hi,

        While I was waiting for something to pop up in my area I was trying to email asset managers. Of 15 emails that I sent 10 came back as not existing. Are the asset companies requesting to be added or are they pulled in from somewhere else?
  • Hi.. trying to see the new activity counter today, but cannot seem to find it?
    • Victoria,

      Jesse posted on how to look at the activity counter in this blog post thread:
      Realty Pilot Partnership Results in First REO for REOPro Agent.
      Ok, first off….I am not going to share this agents information with you. If he wants to speak up…he can. In other words, don’t ask….lol. I just got…
  • I joined today, and am excited to use the system. Clicking on the doors does let the AM's see you, if they are looking, In my first hour on Realty Pilot, opening doors I located a long lost AM that had moved to a new company- so I am very optimistic.
    fyi webinars are every Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Well, I started to apply at each by going to their website. Then I changed my mind and I am clicking the door to open each one. We will see what happens.
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