• I get a lot of business off of Pyramid and I agree with you about waiting. I had originally signed up on Equator and bought zip codes...I got nothing. Are you thinking about different platforms? Like ResNet? Equator?
      • I already belong to and equator but its crickets now with the moratorium on foreclosures.
        • Have you had listings from Res.Net and Equator? It could depend on your area too.. My inclination is to join ResNet early next year.
  • The premium agent was just started, so I don't think anyone will have seen any results yet. I received REO listings when it was completely free before. Hope its not just another money grab by another platform. So many people wasted money on Equator and never received one listing.
  • I have been with them for a long time and not a single business from them. Will not pay any fees unless my area gets pretty busy with pre and foreclosures.
  • no, never have paid for premium and I get listings fine.
    • I take that back...I research the listing before I will take it because Pyramid is for small outsourcers, companies that require you to pay them a referral fee (can be as high as 30%) plus you will pay Pyramid a 115.00 Tech fee at closing. If they give you a listing priced at 50k, you could walk away with 935.00 after you have done biweekly inspections, monthly market reports and bpos for up to 6 months. most are hard to get price reductions to move quickly. I make sure that the property has a decent chance of selling in 90 days and has a minimum commission to make it worth doing. #learned the hardway
      • Update: Pyramid Tech Fee is now 175.00 and now Dakota has an offer platform( that cost 185.00
        Read listing agreements carefully and compare language to referral agreements js
        • I have paid different platform fees for different companies that are on PP.
      • Very good information. So true, all listings are not worth it by the time you are done doing all the required duties to maintain the property and pay the referral fee it is not pretty. I learned the hard way as well.
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