• Yeah I have been signed up as a premium agent for about 15 years and have listings from clients on thier platforms. It's pretty easy to use and overall been worth it; better than RES.NET or Equator platforms for me as I haven't recieved any REO assignments from clients on those platforms for several years and still paying for them...
  • I quit paying these companies ages ago, no sense in throwing away good $$! I am in the Dallas Fort Worth area and our foreclosures are almost non-existent as investors are buying them all at the courthouse what little is available and many mortgage banks are selling a lot of their default properties to individual investors or companies so that they avoid the foreclosure costs.
  • I haven't joined yet, but I think I may. I really hate to pay to play as I have been a Pyramid agent for years and gotten lots of business- I think this Pyramid may be my best bet for new business. I have not anything from Pyramid in months and willing to try for six months.
  • Any updates on this Im doing lots of interior BPOs for Pyramid Shellpoint and they are all vacant REOs all going to 2 agents in my area
    • In my area all are going to one agent. They are listed on all of the listings as a premium agent.
  • I paid the extra money and it was worth it as I got a listing from Dakotas. I always get Selene Finance and some others there, too.
  • I get 2-3 listings a year from Selene through pyramid with the same AM. For me paying extra doesnt seem worth it.
  • not yet wait for the reos to come back. we have got one listing for them in the last two months
  • I havent received a new assignment in this year - i think its good to wait as far as inventory but the longer you wait the less likely you can get any kind of discount as more people will apply I was able to renew for less than the $700.00
  • I have not signed up yet as i feel the reo inventory will not hit until next year so would like to extend the membership by delaying the start until there is more reo. I have heard that this is going to be one of the platforms to be on though.
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