Providing Free BPO's for USRES

Has anyone had any experience with this company? I have provided about 10-15 free BPO's for USRES and have not received any REO's. They claim they will provide REO business if you do their BPO's. Many of the BPO's I am doing are properties that are in foreclosure and vacant. Eventually they will be foreclosed upon. Am I just being inpatient or will my work eventually pay-off. My name is on every BPO. Also, I am signed up with other BPO companies like clearcapital who only gives you 5 minutes to respond before they send the order to someone else. I have a couple of companies like this and it is very frustrating. I got an iphone for this purpose.

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      • Yes I did, you can also get direct contacts from REO Intelligence.
      • No. Just sign up. I am a member of resnet.
        • Ronnie,

          How could you have signed up with RES.NET without paying the fee? The system required it when I paid it last year. It has been more than 9 months now and I got nothing from them.
          • I've been part of it for a good four months, and I've received nothing either. The company I was working with said it was required to keep me on, so I paid it, but now I'm regretting it. Is there some magic way to get BPO's and work out of them??
          • Well I did sign up and pay for REOnetwork, that may have entitled me to resnet. I am not sure. I have forgotten because it has been a while ago.
            • Ronnie,

              Do you find REOnetwork a good value, are you getting REO listings in your area?
            • Hi Ronnie
              I do not think there is a link between and ReoNetwork
              • resnet & reonetwork are different entities. reonetwork is Clear Capitol. resnet is resnet (usres). There is a fee for resnet as there is for reotrans. I believe at one point you could sign up for resnet and get up to 5 zipcodes free or maybe it was reotrans but there is a fee for both and resnet offers membership levels with each costing more.
                • We were signed up with REOTrans for several months for a number of zip codes. I had read on here that they will only assign BPOs to agents who have their certification of up to $500 a year. We gave it a good try and canceled our zip codes last week. Probably a good thing to do. There appears to be plenty of asset companies that will pay you for BPOs and REOs. It takes time to work with these companies, but in a matter of months, less than a year for us, you will find your list of providers to grow. It is a matter of patience and perseverance.

                  Good Luck!
  • Years ago I have done over 20 freebies for them, after that I had received a listing which I declined. Too far away, low commission. After that, I had stopping doing anything for them, until last year when I had registered again. I have done few freebies, and I had received a good listing. Since last summer I have done 10 or so freebies. On the REO side, their communication is very good, most of the times you can talk to your AM, and the e-mails are returned promptly everyone involved in the listing.

    The bottom line is that they are giving listings. Is a matter of personal choice to do the free BPO's or not. Their form is simple and easy.

    Clear Capital 5 minutes rule is a major improvement: until last year everything was 'blast'. If you are one of their top agents, you will have a shot pretty much at everything that is available in your area.
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