Palm Springs bound for REOMac

plan on attending this event? I met a number of fellow members at the 5 Star last year and would like a chance to meet and network this April at REOMac. Looking forward to seeing you there. Drop me a line if you're attending, maybe we can do a "REOPro" dinner!

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  • I will be attending representing Vacant Property Security. If you are interested in meeting to discuss how you can secure a home in a way that is agent friendly, and looks and protects better than plywood, let me know. You can make your hoe stand out, sell faster, and for more money if it happens to be in a neighborhood with criminal activity.
    • Chad, what areas of CA do you service? Or do you just train agents to do it themselves? It sounds like a great service, would like to know more!
      • My company can service nationwide. I am located in Northern California, but have security techs throughout the country that can handle local issues. I have been in the real estate industry my whole life so I understand what the agents have to go through with selling some of these REO's. I recently joined Vacant Property Security so have swiched to a different side of things, but I have to tell you, this product is perfect for REO agents and the community. I am so excited which is someting I am very appreciative of given the current state of things we all live thorugh every day. You can either e-mail me at or call my mobile phone at 510-229-7148 and leave me your info and I would be more than happy to inform you further. I just want to be there as a resource for agents who need it. Every property and every area is not going to need what we do, but when the need comes up I believe it's good to have a choice. Thank you for your interest, I hope we get to talk soon!
        • Chad I took a look at your site, that is an awesome product to use vs. boarded up doors & windows. Heaven knows I've seen enough of those! I'll bet that local City gov'ts love it, but are REO sellers willing to pay for it?

          I'd love to meet up at REOMAC, email me details at rpbrown @
  • I checked the REOMAC web site and the conference is sold out of guest memberships. And not accepting any more Broker memberships! But I will be happy to meet REOpro members for a dinner or an event, just say the place & time!
  • I am attending. I did attend 5 Star and had great success from that. This is my 1st REOMAC event. Sounds like its going to be a good event. Hotels are all sold out for miles. Anyone going to Lifepower networking party?
  • Hi Daniel,
    I will be attending with a co-worker of mine. This is my first one because my previous broker/ REO teacher doesn't allow his agents to attend REO mac or receive REO listings. I left the company after a year, and now get to attend for the first time. I really don't know what to expect, but I am definitely looking forward to it!
  • I would join REOPro dinner.
  • Hi Daniel,
    How did the 5 Star training work out for you last year?? Did you get any listings ?
    Im thinking about attending the one in March.

    • When I went to 5 Star I didn't take any of the classes. The networking was beneficial and yes I did score some listings from it. I would say attend the classes, you'll definitely gain some knowledge and having those classes under your belt would give you the edge over the competition.
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