Order Capture 2.0


Our company is looking for some beta testers for the following companies:

  • Altisource
  • RRReview
  • SAM

We are willing to capture orders for free in testing, as well as provide an additional 3 months of free service once we make some modifications to our existing scripts.  If interested please contact at turbobpo.orders@gmail.com for more info.


John Gattinger


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  • John, never replies on my query regarding Order Capture 2.0.

    • Marky,

      I checked our inboxes and did not find any queries.  You are also not a registered user in our system so that would be the first step to get more information on our software which is downloadable for free after registration (25 free credits to start).  Our phone line is also open M-F (9AM-5PM) and I'd be willing to take a call right now to help you out.

      • I'm referring to the FREE test.

        • Marky,

          Yeah, we are currently looking for beta testers for these 3 companies so if you have any of these 3 accounts then we could get you set up for free capture up to 3 months, registration is required but is free.

  • Kevin that's awesome to hear they just added a capture but it's about useless
  • Would love to help as there are plenty of SAM orders coming through; however, I've heard from other agents that they monitor click cycles and have had their accounts deactivated. 


    • Kevin, 

      Thanks for the offer, we are aware of this and have an alternative method for order capture which refreshes the gmail inbox and transfers to capturing on the valuation site only when orders are solicited via email.  This drastically reduces the number of server requests and is very difficult for companies to track.

  • I'd love to test for you but the only company that broadcasts to me in any volume is BPOFulfillment and I don't take them.  I get a rare singular RRReview broadcast but I probably wouldn't even recognize the form anymore. Altisource now calls or emails me along with the broadcast  and asks me if I'll do one for their standard fee and we negotiate. Volume is gone. No SAM. 

    • Cece,

      I appreciate the offer if you had anything available.  Our data does show a decline in SAM volume this year, any news on if their volume is intended to pick back up?

      • I couldn't even tell you the last time I did a SAM order. I had a few SAM listings way back during the crisis. I don't even know where the orders come from. Do they have their own platform?  

        (I don't have any insider info. Where's what's his name when you need his little birdy?)

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