• Exactly. Good for you checking up. I was able to get my funds back thankfully, but apparently they continue to do this all over the place as I keep getting more and more emails in about Lindsay Day and Eric Bates....

    • Hello All,

      I was reading this thread while I was on the phone with this company.

      It was a very enticing presentation. Are you sure about it not being a legit company?

      I pay way more to equator and than 500. And they are legit.

      I asked the gentleman on the phone for 48 hours. He said sure. He just couldn't guarantee that the assignments in the queue would still be available. I know. I know.

      I hope I don't appear too skeptical OR too gullible. 


      • You truly need to make your own decision, but they told me that they had an REO for me, had me do a Short BPO on it, and apparently that REO was not theirs to give to us.  Many have very similar/same stories, read through this thread, and the FBI Fraud Dept along with the 2 States Fraud Depts are looking into them now as well.  

        • I have contacted my bank credit card division and they had me send several email communications to them.  They have all of Lindsay Day's contact information and told me they will attempt to contact her.  Course,  as we all know, she will not respond.  I still have tried to contact her myself and no response.  My bank has given me the credit back to my account and they just have to wait a time period for it to be posted.    Chris, I think we all know equator and is legit but trust me, Lindsay Day and Optimal REO IS NOT!!!   My first contact with them was in May last year-------have never received anything from them!!!

  • I filed a complaint with the BBB and she contacted me right away. I put her contact info in and she refunded my money within 3 days.

    • Hi Kelly,  who was it that contacted you right away and which state did you file the complaint to the BBB?  Lindsay Day is located in Illinois but Optimal REO is located in Minnesota.  I sent the fraud report to the attorney general in Minnesota. 

      • Please let us know if you hear anything back. We have filed and have them starting an investigation. Will need names & numbers of all who have dealt with her or Optimal (REO Solutions) for possible statements. You can either post here, or send me an email to: Thanks

  • So as of today I still have not heard from Lindsay Day nor have I received my refund!  I will be mailing my fraud report today to the Minnesota Attorney General.  Has anyone else received their refund and if so how did you do it??  I now cannot get Lindsay Day to respond!!  Would welcome any suggestions!!

    •  Lindsay Day is probably long gone, hard to believe they still have the website up

      • Oh but she's not...She's still around pulling this.

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