Assignment seems to have dry up. I am in Northern CA-Santa Clara County. Verified of active status but have not received any assignment since May 2011. Can't be that slow??? Any feedback would be very appreciated. It is hard to plan back-end operation.

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  • What is the web site for their REOs.
  • Wow! I checked all the listings in CA on their website and found only 60! Is that right??
  • They don't do a lot in Virginia.  In fact looks like only three properties on the East Coast.  Can't remember the last one I saw listed in Central Virginia
  • Properties are starting to come out from them just stick with it.  I have received 2 this month.  They are awesome to work with and like Christine said their asset managers are on the ball.  I have yet to have a bad experience with them and they do try to turn the properties quickly, they price aggressively from the beginning and are willing to negotiate and be realistic when offers come in.
  • My assignments have dried up. I only have 1 pending with them now. :(
    • Thank you for responding Omer & Crystal.  OWB, out of all the asset mgnt companies that I had worked with, seems to be the most effectively run REO management.  They move properties thru very quick; their asset managers are on the ball.  I really like working with them. Yep, one property in last 4 months- still in eviction until 10/11, is just not good:(
      • I just got 2 this month. Had not gotten anything since may. The evictions and CFK are taking longer to get processed..
  • They are very slow.

    Last one I got was like 7 months ago.

    You can check their website for listings available if you think they are trying to avoid you.

    • what is their website?
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