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I was just approved with Old Republic Default Management Services (ORDMS) as a REO Listing Agent. In order to receive REO listings you have to sign up with Res.Net for an annual fee of $250. Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with either Res.Net or Old Republic?

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  • Congrats... A real good company to work with, and selective as well.

  • I've completed APROX 12 bpo's in the past several years. I was told if I completed (8) I would get additional Listings. I have paid and have been a member for the Past several years and

    have not received a Listing for the past (4) years.  they continue to send me bpo assignments but have better things that pay off.

  • Lillian, I am currently Signed up with them and have been receiving BPO assignment. How many BPO's did you complete before they added you as a preferred Agent? Are there any additional steps I should take?.....I am just trying to figure out if it is worth to do the BPOs....dont want to feel like I am spinning my wheels!

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  • I have done 10+ bpo's for Old Republic but understand you also need to take A-Pro Certification including Old Republic segment. I am completing the certification now. I also just upgraded to res.net professional. Hoping to see an uptick in business!
  • i am signed onto resnet on their free section..just got one bpo last week. waiting to see if it is worth paying. i have paid for Lamco, as I have been doing free occupancy checks for them, and they went into the pay for mode while I am waiting to see if I get the listing. I would hope paying to become one of their vendors will increase the odds of that!
  • RES.NET is required for Goodman Dean which I do a lot of work for. it is just a transaction management system. They claim AM's will find you there but so far that has not been my experience.
  • Hi Lillian,

    I started doing BPOs for Old Republic and got my first listing after about 30 BPOs. Now I have not had any more listings for over 2 months but the asset managers I have been talking to said they didn't have any right now in our area. I try not to let that response cause doubt. I have never had anything from res.net except using it with some of the REO companies.
    Good Luck.
    • I would recommend Res.net. Citi, USRES, IAS, NRT, and Old Republic, all use this web portal.
  • We're having good success with Old Republic. They seem to rotate their Asset Managers on a frequent basis, which makes it difficult to build a relationship with them. But all in all, it's been a great experience. They're spooling up currently with new Fannie Mae guidelines and adding a lot of staff, which can cause a few ripples in their system. But they're clearly on their way to rocking out a lot of inventory!

    Their BPO platform in Quandis is a good system. It's worthwhile to complete their BPOs, since that's also a way to get into their REO side as well.

    Res.Net is the preferred system for a number of companies. Yes, there's a membership fee, but once you have accounts to work it all averages out.
  • Hi Lillian,

    I'm with RESNET and ORD, and yes it's all been positive. Keep them happy by finishing your task early, and go beyond the call of duty. They are a great company to work with.

    Rob Robertson
    Weichert, Realtors - America First Team
    Concord, CA.
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