• I have a huge problem with them.  Yes, they pay within 30 days and yes, the will direct pay to your bank account. However I just ended my relationship with them. I had been working with them for about 10 months and recently they sent a BPO back because the client wanted sold comps within 3 months not 6.  When I opened the file I saw tons of adjustments not made by me and they were ridiculous. a 4 bed compared to a 3 bed got a $1500 adjustment.  A fireplace in Florida got $5000 (Fireplaces are pretty much decorative here) I told them that since the integrity of my reports are being compromised and now they can actually be released to homeowners, Realtors, etc. I can no longer work for them as my name is on there and it is not my report - they are looking for trouble and if you value your license, stay away.

  • Good comp, bpo mill.
  • I do BPos for Nations and they have been a good company to me.
  • Thank you for the replies. Glad to hear they're a good company.
  • I have also done a few and good to work with them No complaint about payments.
  • I've done a couple for them, about 30 days on payment, easy forms, no complaints here.
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