NREIS Payment

Has anyone heard of anything concerning if NREIS will be paying it's vendor or not yet?  I haven't heard anything from them since that last email they sent saying they're in the process of working it out.

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  • I recieved everything that was owed from SLS but not from NREIS. NREIS supposedly closed in Feb. and SLS was closed effective April 2nd. Was a tough account to lose doing 70 - 100+ a month and they definately paid better than the others out there.

  • They owe me money from 2011/2012. I received the run around and promise to pay for a year over a year. The last time I spoke to someone there ( summer of 2012) they told me that the company was going under and all employes are be let go. Check your BPO forms to see who the lender was that received the order and call them to see if they will pay you for your completed BPO that they received from NREIS. You never know 50/50 chance....


  • They owe me from last Jan. So don't expect anything.

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