NFSTI Changes

I am suprised at how few members here have not checked out the new NFSTI site or have never been members of NFSTI to make comments.


That is a big surprise to me. If you want to get started OR are a seasoned REO agent, there is training at a reasonable cost on NFSTI. Paying a lot of money to sign up on a site that "promises" REO assignments without any training just makes no sense to me.


Learning about the REO business and how to get in the back doors does.


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  • I'd be interested in the training. Now will I get a lapel pin as well?????
  • ;)

    C'mon, y'all didn't think I was one of "them" did ya? These things always sort themselves out, and I knew that we made some mistakes in our approach to the public, but I had to allow the message time to get out and everyone to make their own educated decisions. Thank you Linda for 2 things: Being unbiased and critical on behalf of yourself and the industry, and for addressing me personally/addressing the issue on the forum.

    Still working the tail off for the betterment of REO.....

    • Dan, may I make one small suggestion? Use your database of the agents that have taken your courses and create a newsletter, then send it to them. I was promised this last summer when I took the classes in Atlanta....along with a pin (never arrived) and have yet to see anything since. Communication is wonderful thing!
      • Steve,

        I was unaware of you not receiving your lapel pin. I'll make sure we have that out to your address.

        We did fall short on the newsletter. That was my decision so I take full responsibility for that. I made the decision in August to abort the newsletter project in exchange for putting our energy into 3 other projects: (1) A focus on the conference scene to interact as an organization, (2) rebuild the entire website, and (3) focus on relationships with influential corporations (asset management, outsourcer, networks, and media).

        I hope to come back with the newsletter one day, but for now the focus will be on coaching, certification, web development for users, relationship building with influencers, and the quarterly industry reports.

        I apologize for not meeting all of your expectations. I think this year we'll be able to over-deliver better than before.


        • Can you please send me one also...I took the class in August in ATL, Thanks
        • Hey! I was at the LV training last summer and I also did not get sent a lapel pin!

          I thought maybe Lowell and Richard were joking around but if they are available can you send me one also?

          • Lapel Pin! That one I did not know about. Can I get one too since I too took the training classes. Lowell knows me and he can verify that I was at the training in Florida.
            • Ummmm don't want to sound like a broken record, but I do not recall every receiving a Lapel Pin. I also would like one too. I took the class in 2008.
  • OK, I was WAY off base with what I said about the new NFSTI web site!

    They had some challenges with getting UN/PW to transfer and have made some changes (now email is UN) but still the same great site with awesome information. Yea! more $50.00 membership fee - FREE membership and for $99 you can upgrade to a serious 30 days of intense training...but it is not an ongoing monthly charge of $99 unless you want to continue with further training!! You can pay for 30 days, then work what you learned - then pay again later if you want more training!

    I was really more disappointed and hurt more than anything else when I "thought" NFSTI had gone the way of some many sites - but now I see that it's new roll out it makes it even better than before!

    Thank you NFSTI and Dan, for still being #1 in my book!!
  • I too was very happy with NFSTI and their "old" program. The new program just makes me not want to send people as well. I guess Dan found out he could have made more money.
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