Newbies! Don't Give up.

With all my respect to REO Veterans! I doubt that you started as an REO agent knowing everything, I am not applauding the agent that does not have a clue of " CASH FOR KEYS " means. I am sorry to inform you that I am a newbie, and my background is Loan Officer, I was already question by Mr. Marquez how did I get in... well!!!

I am a sales person, so my ability to originate business helps, I don’t wait for the business to come to me I go out there and get it, REO's is not the only way to be in the business, STOP waiting for the AM call, there are many investors out there getting your business they are tons of buyers, many pre-foreclosures. Don’t worry of what others do.

Get UP take your cell phone device in case your AM calls you and take business cards and  get to work, go do door knock, sellers are waiting for you to get them into a short sale,  why wait for lender to foreclose on the property. Do you know you can help them by doing a short sale and save their credit rating?  

The difference with me PROUD newbie is I am eager to learn, other veterans agents know it all, and if  Sunday Newspaper, Real Estate section reads 5000 SOLD homes I don’t have time to find out who was the top realtor selling or making money I want to be top Realtor and I want to Make Money.

HHEEELLLOOOO Get ahead! Get out there and work like a REALTOR or Broker whatever you are. I go out there and door knock twice a week, I hold open house EVERY WEEKEND and build a prospect buyer sheet, I’m too busy to care what others do. I am sorry I am a newbie but I love to Diversify. My hard job got me into the REO world. You become noticable when you work HARD. All my newbie fellows keep going to conventions, dont give up!

 Proverbs 10 

14 Wise people store up knowledge,
      But the mouth of the foolish is near destruction.
15 The rich man’s wealth is his strong city;
      The destruction of the poor is their poverty.
16 The labor of the righteous leads to life,
      The wages of the wicked to sin.

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  • EXCUSE ME? I DID NOT ASK OR QUESTION YOU AT ALL! I have not once derogatory spoken to you or challenged your knowledge of this business. I don't know you either do you know me so please don't mention my name in a derogatory way. I am no where near a selfish person and I believe in hard work and determination. Trust me being a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS OWNER, (my track record speaks for itself) I didn't get this way by stabbing or climbing over people. Know someone before you speak of them please ma'am. And if you know God like you speak, then you should know these things.....Good day
    • Sorry Marquez but i do have you in my personal email i will print out and attach to the blog and you did question I did answer you back and I never got an answer back. And by the way if I say something Believe me i have the way to prove it. And I do not know you either you were sharing some info i emailed you and you emailed me back and questioned me. I will attach it so you dont ever call me a lier. Good Luck!
      • Actually You wanted to know how I got into CHASE, remember?????????????
        • RE: Hello Marquez‏
          From: Marqueze D. Williams Sr
          Sent: Fri 4/23/10 8:12 AM
          Hi. How did you get in with Chase?

          Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 19:06:26 -0700
          Subject: Hello Marquez

          I was reading at the blog so i am also interested in getting the list if possible.
          I am an agent for Remax Metro Anaheim Ca. I was a loan officer for 7 years and now an agent for 2 years i currently have 16 listings 2 are Reo's only the rest are refferals and door knocking.
          Where are you located?
          There are no agent in my office that receive Fannie Mae assets so i will love to put my foot in,i work strongly with chase only.

          Thank you so much!
          God Bless your generosity!
          • SEntonces otra vez yo digo A que no UTILIZA MI NOMBRE SI USTED no TUVO PERMISO. Gracias tanto Rosio. Y usted sabe su causa triste que yo ni una vez he dicho algo, algo desagradable o irrespetuoso acerca de usted. Pregunte cualquiera en este blog o ligado en. ¡Pregunte! ¡Y usted verá la lista eso en suma yo mismo y Reggie pagamos por conseguir yo SE LOS HE ESTADO DANDO A PERSONAS PARA LIBRE! Yo no tengo problema con compartir en todo. Y usted sabe lo que yo todavía le enviaré la lista para que pueda continuar alimentar su familia. THAT THE PERSON I AM!

            Oh and for you guys who don't speak spanish.... I said

            So again I say DO NOT USE MY NAME IF YOU DID NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO. Thank you so much Rosio. And you know its sad cause I have not once said anything, anything nasty or disrespectful about you. Ask any one on this blog or linked in. Ask! And you will see the list that in total myself and Reggie paid for to get I HAVE BEEN GIVING THEM TO PEOPLE FOR FREE! I have no problem with sharing at all. And you know what I am still going to send you the list so that you can continue to feed your family.
            • If you are so Humble like you want to come acroos..... RESPECT those that dont know your business, keep it ALL in english and clear, and again GOD BLESS YOU!!

              LUKE 6
              A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart[g] brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

              And if you feel offended i apologize, you are blogging, and we are expose to any comment, so be careful of what you say, if you do not want your name out there. Or simply don't Blog.
              • There are asset managers who are members and monitor this site. My advice to both of you is to be careful what you post and to always act in a professional manner. Not sure who is right and who is wrong but two wrongs don't make a right and the truth will always eventually come out.
                • I wish her the best in her endeavors. And as promised, as I do for anybody with the will I sent you 3 of the list that I have. I hope that your endeavors come to past. Good day
  • Rosio- you should repost this in the blog section.
    • thx bunch i just did, i value your opinion.
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