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Another company, http://www.reox.net/ more of the same, connect agents to asset managers, pay $399 first year, etc etc etc...


Please, prove me wrong. Anybody every heard of them? Anybody paid for it? How is it?  etc etc etc. I always like to read from REO PRO members, never shy to speak up. Thanks for your opinions!




reo exchange mailservice@ecp01.com


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  • Never heard of them and I am not paying out anymore money to these companies, same as Richard, have been burned too many times.
    • Hi Cindy, I have watched your comments in other blogs on EPRO and agree with you completely! I am over it. Thanks for your comment.
  • They must, cause they keep asking!
  • Same here. If we paid for every group and designation available out there we would all be broke.

    Some may be legit but I will wait until someone has comments, good or bad.
    • Exactly why I use this format, thanks Steele!
  • I'm not paying another cent for a company to do this. I have been burned too many times.
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