Happy New Years!


How many of my fellow real estate professionals woke up to the first working day of 2011 with BPO and/or REO assignments in their inbox? 


I've received a couple BPOs from PVC, one BPO from ORT and 2 REO assignments from LPS.


Who else is enjoying this New Year?  I'm interested in knowing what everyone else's predictions for 2011 will be.

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  • Congratulations Shawneequa.  No REO assignments for me as of this writing.  Still waiting......I'm in Baton Rouge, LA .  There is a good inventory of shadow inventory as the Sheriff sales are average 30-40 every 2 wks but has been introduced into the market.  My outlook for 2011 is great just need some business.    Denesesanders@cox.net
  • Would you like sharing those sources?
  • Running wide open right now just as hard and fast as I can run! All HUD listing from HomeTelos and Ofori. Getting 2 to 4 new assignments a week on the Northwest side of ATL and I know our other HUD agents are just as busy.
  • I have only received a handful of BPO from RRR, PCV, and Altisource. I received one REO assignment from Altisource.  It has been slow for the month of February so far.   
    • Don't waste your time with Altisource. They only give REO to their Designated Broker in state. You will never get any work other then spining you wheels with BPOs.
  • I  received two REO assignments in January. I hope this is a good sign, as this matches the total that I received last year.
  • I am chimming in a tad bit late but 2011 is looking real good for us here in GA. Our firm is a NLB wit HUD thru Hometlos and already have over 20 listings in the month of Jan and have one foot in with Oferio..I have also completed 85 BPO's in Jan with Landsafe/BOA


    We have no complaints here :)))))

    • Nikki,


      Any advice on how to work with Hometelos? I've applied 3 times in the past year and nothing yet?

      • My Broker is a memeber of NAREB here in Atlanta and she was able to get some insight there but we also list with First Preston who is their sister company. So, it was easier to get in I believe. They just had a confrence here and they mention that they still need NLB's. I have some contacts I can share with you and if you like.
        • Hello Nikki

          I have also tried few year ago. Can you please guide?. My e mail is zubaria@zubaria.com

          I am here in Virginia.

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