Need BPO Software Quick!!

Hello Everyone,


I need to know from you experts your opinions about the BPO auto-fill softwares out there.

I notice there are a few out there here is the list I found:

1. BPO Automation

2. BPO Buddy

3. BPO 5000



I need to know which company do you feel is the easiest to learn, which supports a lot of BPO companies and the best price with the shortest time to complete the BPO.


Thank you in advance.


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  • Has anyone tried Realty Pilot?

  • Tracjk my foreclosures is now part of RIO Genesis with a new name.  It is state of the art and can be an add on for RIO Genesis or bought as a stand alone.  Good system

  • I have not seen an increase in REO inventory due to BPOs. However, I did not engage in BPOs in an attempt to get REO listings as most agents do. My goal was to creat separate pillars of income and I was already in a position to receive REO inventory. I do believe that my knowledge of how to complete a thorough BPO has improved my relationships with my REO vendors/asset managers and that may translate to more inventory. Currently I do have a small team to assist with BPOs but nothing gets submitted by anyone other than myself. That way I can ensure quality.
    • I can help you with your BPO sin California

    • Yes, Chris

      Can you please, send me more information. I'm tired of missing BPOS, when looks like all are being taken by having the programs.

      Thank you!


    • Thank you Chris for your interesting comments and Congratulations in your success with the BPOs!!!

      Please, send me more information about the program; costs, address, etc.

  • I know this may be too late, but if you are still in need of good software you should look into I've been using the software for over a year and don't have many negative things to say.  I finished 2011 with over 3100 BPOs keyed and don't know how I would've done it without the program.  The developers are also Realtors who know the BPO industry and offer great customer service.  They will make a macro for you, free of charge, within a day or so.  This way you can feel comfortable taking on new orders knowing they will have a macro for you prior to the order being due.  I was recently informed that they will be adding features to their reporting system to help track and assign orders to your photographers and keyers if you are using any, determine volume/income from each vendor and breakdown monthly, quarterly, etc reports.  Hope this helps.... Feel free to ask me any specific questions regarding the software. 

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    • Hi Chris, what do they charge to add an extra MLS or two?

    • Chris, with completing over 3100 orders in 2011, have you seen any increase in your REO inventory? it's a huge volume of orders:) do you have a team just for that?

      Thanks for sharing.


  • Happy New Year Everybody!  I just started using BPO Automation and I love it.  The tech support and set up was sweet. Automation the only way to go.  Cheers !!!! to The Best of 2012 for Everyone !!!!

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