• They are starting again. I got stung once some years back. I was in my truck when the call came. I should have first gone to this site as this company was on the blog. Any time they ask for money up front, something is amiss. Thanks to all for the heads up.
  • I got an email from them. I spoke to Andrew somebody. I asked him which client referred me and he stated Bank of America, which I do not have any business with. They wanted $$$ and said it would be refunded once the client approved. I said sure, send me your info, which he did, although I had no intention of complying. I knew this was a scam, and once they ask for $$$ upfront, you know its a scam.
  • It absolutely is.
  • Scam pretty sure it’s the same guy using the previous alias of Andrew Foreman Byline Management. They ask you to pay for the first REO listing and it will be refunded. Don’t get sucked in like I did!
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