Missouri Referral Agent Needed

Hi Everyone,

My name is Jesse Gonzalez and I’m the Principal Broker / Majority Owner of Liberty House Realty LLC. I’m also an Area Manager for Glenn Beck’s real estate referral network of like-minded professionals, www.RealEstateAgentsITrust.com.

I’m writing to let you know that I have referrals through Glenn Beck’s network that I need agents to work. Below is my Alabama list of cities / zip codes I have referrals for but, don’t have authorized Glenn Beck agents to work them.

If you are a Glenn Beck fan and are interested in working with a referral network with no upfront or monthly reoccurring fees on a referral basis in any of these areas below, here is what you need to know.

#1: We are a Conservative / Libertarian small government minded boutique national referral network.

 #2: We are looking for “like-minded” real estate professionals who share similar Conservative / Libertarian views that understand the Glenn Beck audience and are dedicated to putting consumers first.

 #3: If you are approved to participate in the network, you will be Glenn Beck’s Authorized Agent, working directly with his enthusiastic, dedicated, loyal fans.  

 #4: As an Authorized Agent of the network, fans will identify you as a Brand Ambassador and expect you to have similar shared Conservative / Libertarian values.  

 NOTE: No initial set up fee, no monthly reoccurring fee, no required training or costly certifications. All you pay is a competitive referral fee back to the network upon successful closing. If the referral doesn’t close, you pay nothing.


St Ann MO 63074

Moberly MO 65270

Alton Mo 65606

Boonville MO 65233

Fulton Mo 65251

Ferguson MO 63135

Benton City Mo 65232

Kirksville MO 63501

Mexico MO 65265

Stewartsville Mo 64490

Stockton MO 65785

Caledonia MO 63631

Marshall MO 65340

Winona MO 65588









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  • Jesse happy Memorial Day. Thank you for all of your good works.. I was wondering if Glenn Beck had any need for a connection in Wisconsin that you knew of and if you knew personally or any organization that did volume BPOS/REOS in Wisconsin just thought asked, Thank you.
    • Sadly, Wisconsin is so far out of my scope, I really don't know. As for Glenn Beck, you can apply as an agent. Just go to https://www.realestateagentsitrust.com/ and click the "apply as an agent" link in the top left of the screen. IF you want, you can drop my name....not that it will get you far....lol....but, who knows, it might help.
      Glenn Beck's Real Estate Agents I Trust
      • Thank you for your reply.
This reply was deleted.