Have an Asset Manager that I have a very strong, healthy, professional working relationship with.  This is quite a bit outside of my serviceable area, unfortunately.  However, the valuations they've received are willy-nilly, at best, and they need a STRONG 3rd Party BPO Valuation. 


If you are a Res.Net Member, have Miramar Beach, FL MLS Access, know & understand the marketplace for higher-end properties ($500k-$1mm roughly) - please contact me RIGHT AWAY, and I would be happy to refer you to this Asset Manager.


Josh Parker - 727-455-7734 Cell (text friendly)


If you impress, there could be additional relationship opportunities opened for you.  To give you an idea, our company has 25-75 Assets through this firm at any given time.


Would need BPO completed within 48 hours. 


Thank you,



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