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Has anyone had problems getting paid by Mark To market ? It has been 3 months and I have not received pay for BPO's I have done dating back to Feb and March. I have contacted them and have been told that 1.  checks would be sent out soon.2. The were merged with another company and have not gotten their payment system straightened. 3. Will have an account in the Jacksonville office (last week). and various other delaying replies. I am in Central Florida.

   I may be the only one having this problem. They still sent out BPO's , but no pay. I hope they are no going the way of evalonline. They were a good company to work for.

Thanks for your replies.

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  • Ive worked with them for 5 years, I believe. They were always sterling but have now become sloppy about paying. Based on this thread I just checked my spreadsheet and discovered they owe me for a few from months ago. Their site/form is a bit tedious but Ill still work for them unless they go the way of BPO and a couple others who BKd.

  • I just got a check today for all 3 of my February MTM orders. Check was dated 5/8, mailed from Dallas on 5/9, recd Monday 5/12. I count that as being paid in 90 days - that's not bad. It looks like they consider an order "invoiced" on the 14th and 28th of the month no matter when the order is submitted. I get very few orders from them anymore but this check was important since I have 2 MTM orders due today and I've been keeping track of this discussion.

    I wish we could figure out why some agents are being paid and why some are not. Two of my February orders were for Third Federal S&L (Cleveland OH) and one was for Fannie Mae PREF.

    Back to northeast Ohio storm/tornado watch!
    • Followup on my last report. Got a check dated 5/30 on 6/2 for 2 BPOs I completed on 3/31. Looks like they marked them as invoiced on 4/30. I dont think I am owed for any other orders and Ive had no problem getting paid. Im wondering if the difference in getting paid or not has to do with a particular M2M client. My checks are marked as Mark to Market - Insight Service Solutions LLC from a Bank of America checking account.
  • M2M has gotten very slow in paying their bills.  Plus to make matter tougher they now want the signed agreement form on each order.  You'd think sign it once and they could keep it in file.

    • The reason why they want the signed form was explained to me in an e-mail. If you read it, no where in there does it say that they have to pay you in a certain amount of time. So, when you sign it, that gives them a pass when it comes time to sue them for payment. All they have to say is, we agreed to pay the agent, we just did not say when. If you keep working for Mark to Market, you will get burned, just plan on it. 

  • I did some for them in October 2013, and still have not got paid, I have sent many emails to the company and my representative with no answer. I will not do any more for them. In the past they were slow to pay but did pay, now they are not.

  • is a way to file a complaint against M2M with the BBB - their rating is an F - imagine that!!

    • I filed a complaint w BBB thanks!, called Texas where accounting supposedly is, etc.  My issue isnt about the amount as Im owed minimal amount but this is just ridiculous.

  •'re NOT the only one and I've been dealing with this since September 2013!!  Out of $4,375.00, I have received $1,850.00 and a myriad of excuses - all of which are the same ones they have told you, it appears.  I'm in Sacramento, CA.  They have sent payment to my address from 5 years ago AFTER I have received payment in my current address...which I have been here for 5 YEARS, mind you...thank goodness I remained friends with the current owners I sold the house to - as they brought me 2 checks that they received in their mail.  Then, 2 weeks ago after I served the final 10 day demand (as I CA law requires a new one be sent if partial payment has been received), I received a slew of email from a "new" account rep indicating that he received all the past due notices I had email - thank you - but he was confused as there were 11 that have already been paid.  SERIOUSLY??!!  If I had received payment, WHY would I still be waiting on payment!!??  Come to find "was" mailed back on November 2013 - I told him that is an obvious lie and I won't go on with this any longer, they have left me no choice but to spend more money and sue them. He stated he would check with accounting to make sure that check was not, in fact, cashed and would get right back to me.  Wildly he called me back within 10 minutes and said, " are right, it was never cashed so accounting will get a new check out to you...for $430".  4 days go by and I still haven't received this $430 check...I email for proof of words and he replied, "OMG I completely forgot to tell accounting to re-issue that $430 check - this is totally my fault".   I replied with "are you flip'n serious?  Why would YOU need to tell accounting to do their job?!!"  I haven't received a reply...yet...imagine that :)

    So sorry you're having to go thru this.  I have worked with M2M since 2007 and never had one problem until this past September 2013.  May I suggest, if you haven't already, mail certified mail, return receipt requested a 10 day demand letter and send a copy to your Attorney General's Office.  I have done this and now have the backing of the AG when I move forward...but I'm just hoping payment is received on Monday because, if not, I will have to waste more time on this defunct company and will have to sue them come Tuesday Morning.

    Take Care~


  • Mark to Market has always paid us.  They are thrifty but have always paid and been nice to work with.  We received payment for 6 assignments from September last week.  

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