Management Short Sale Contact at B of A

Does anyone have a short sale contact with some authority at B of A/countrywide. I have a short sale that somehow went into the cracks and I can not get it back out. file submitted in august and I still do not have a negotiator assigned to the account. Unbelievable!!!!

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  • Leon, there was a VP of Business Development at a conference that I went through and she suggested that you resubmit it. Matter of fact, if they owner went through the process of modification, see if they qualify for the HAFA program.
  • Leon, I would upload your request into Equator...I had a similar situation (sitting a couple months) and I was to advised to resubmit and less than 3 weeks later...ta da...a approval. It is easy go for it. As far as ringing someone's bell...I would just go the easy route.
  • Hi! I won't post it here, but the head of the loss mit departments contact number is on our short sale networking site, along with several other BOA execs. You can't post that stuff everywhere!
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