Mac users?

I'm thinking about investing in a Macbook Pro laptop for my business. My major concerns revolve around the different REO platforms companies use. Are any agents successful with REOTrans? Resnet? DARES? LPS? Assetlink?

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  • MAC IS THE ONLY WAY TO GO! I have a 15 inch MBP Wifey 13 in MBP 3 ipads and a IMAC. I use parallel desktops as well from my office PC if I need to. But I love my mac!
  • I use nothing but various MACs for my day to day business.
  • Daniel,

    I have heard that there are some platforms that aren't Safari-friendly (Mac's Internet Browser). However, there are 2 software options that turn your mac into a pc when needed: Fusion and Parallels

    I can't promise that this will solve the issues, but that's why I keep the old Acer handy. Mac is the best though.


    Dan Waterman
  • Daniel, I have successfully used my Macbook Pro laptop for several years. I use "Parallels Desktop" for some applications that require MS IE. Our MLS in the area only works on IE. Assetlink and RESNet work best in IE as well. I use the Parallels environment with MS Windows operating system for those applications. Parallels is fully integrated with the MAC so I am not having to switch between systems. The Mac is more expensive up front but I have never had to send it in for repairs to reinstall the operating system and I do not worry about viruses so I am confident that I have actually saved money.
  • I have a mac and use REsnet and reotrans I think LPS is the only one I have to use IE for it to fully function but it's doesnt matter most likely you will need IE for your MLS system, I would purchase VMware and you can install windows operating system. I only use it for IE otherwise my MAC does everything else and better then a pc that includes running windows :)
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