Figured I would log in and post this for anyone who may have received solicitation from a company (Appraisal Acquisition Solutions) who claims to be related to LRES in some form or fashion; see below memo from LRES:

Urgent News:   Appraisal Acquisition Solutions

Attention LRES Vendor Partners,

It has come to our attention a company by the name of Appraisal   Acquisition (AA) Solutions has claimed a partnership with LRES Corporation in   the attempt to solicit business from agents and appraisers in the field. AA   Solutions promises to acquire BPO and Appraisal orders for a fee up to $30   per order. The vendor is requested to provide usernames and passwords to   client accounts whereby AA Solutions can alter information such as vendor   e-mail addresses thus affecting the distribution of information.

LRES is not in any way affiliated with AA Solutions and does not promote   this type of action. Under no circumstances   should you ever share your username and password with a third party of any   kind. Vendor partner credentials are a critical component to   protecting your personal account and securing our client’s privacy rights.   Due to state and federal requirements, LRES must deal directly with our   vendor partners. If AA or any other company claiming to have an affiliation   with LRES contacts you with the intent of inserting themselves in our   business relationship, please disregard them and advise LRES immediately.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the LRES Vendor Management   Department at


The LRES Vendor Management Team
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