• Yes, I laugh and tell them Good Luck.  Then there are always the BPO whores lurking out there that do not care and do not value their work who are so desperate for $$ the will fork for peanuts...The BOTTOM FEEDERS is what we call them


    • Who is "we", Patti?  You are the nastiest real estate agents I have ever encountered on this forum.  I would appreciate your feedback if it were more constructive than destructive.  The repetition of these types of comments from you is really getting old. 

  • My Gawd.  I just downloaded a Vendor Application from Single Source Properties.  23 pages?  Are they even worth my time?

    • They pay on time for me but they only pay $40 and now want to cut that down to about $30/$35. You can negotiate but some other agent will do them for $40 so they will choose them instead...

      • It depends on the area you are in and how many agents are doing BPOs. There doesn't seem to be many doing them in may area, so I get to set my prices.  I happen to think that many of the desperate agents have been weeded out of the business in the past few years.  The low inventory situation and stagnant economy have left the industry with the best agents standing or at the very least, the most persistent. 

    • I would say so.  If you are in a region with any rural areas, you should be able to reject orders and ask for the fee you want.  I have been getting at least $80 a piece on average in most areas.  I recently had to fill out this application when I opened my own brokerage, but it is worth it.  They also pay consistently and have reps that are easy to work with when there are problems. 

      • same for me in Central New York


  • $30 BPOs will put you in bankrupt court for sure.

  • There will always be BPO whores,  Stand your ground, you know what your work is worth,.  Agents are desperate because they are too lazy to get off their duff and sell homes.  They think this is an easy way to make money...They are to dumb to realize the time, wear and tear on car, gasoline etc. at 30.00 they are not making any money or even breaking even.  Maybe they will wake up someday



    • Patti - I would normally not get personal in these discussions, but your repetitive disparaging remarks about other agents and your lack of constructive input is getting old. Please refrain from this type of language and judgement. The agents taking the low fees do them for their own reasons or will learn if they dont work for their business model. As you have learned from your mistakes, so will they.
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