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Hello All, My name is Cliff Ponte. I am an MA REO listing agent and this is my first posting on this website.   I was wondering if anyone has heard about Litton REO and their sale.  I have a large inventory with them right now and if they sell to Ocwen, I will probably not have any of them because Alti-source services Ocwen.   As we all know, Altisource is a joke.    Any thoughts on such?  


I have started to get listings from outsourcers for Fannie Mae. Anyone want to share with me the deal on which one gives the most listings.     I have 3 with Old Republic.

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  • We make a lot of money of Ocwen's stupidity. The agent that lists most of their properties in our area doesn't out them on our MLS, nor does he out signs in front of the homes. His values are always off...sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. We like those that are off in a good way :).

    Whatever you do, just don't use their escrow company in Irvine. Premium Title could be the worst escrow company in existence. We get our buyers to pay for the full cost of escrow so we don't have to use them.
    • Do you think Ocwen will change there system? 
      It's awful. I wish I could send over a request to Ocwen direct. 

      The problem is that Ocwen is Altisource. It's a Joke
      • Lol...ya right. Altisource is here to stay. I feel bad for the investors using Ocwen for their servicing :/
      • Over a month ago I put in a request to get a code to see one of their not yet in MLS listings....over a month...still waiting.  I did call a couple weeks ago and pretend to be a buyer.  They told me to "oh, just call any agent in the area to show it to you".  What?  Are you joking?
  • OCWEN bough Litton so everything is going through Altisource.
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