Lending to REO Investors


As a private lender we have mainly aimed our marketing efforts at real estate investors and professionals through sponsorship and attendance at industry trade shows, paid referral relationships, and word-of-mouth. Professionals experienced in REO asset management and servicing suggest that we should be marketing to the smaller-scale REO realtors, investors, property managers, etc.

This is a new channel for us and we would like to hear your feedback on whether there really is some potential here - seems like there is but it can be somewhat complex; if we knew our way around it could be rewarding?

We lend nationwide on non owner-occupied residential properties ("commercial loans")  and some commercial properties. Our 12% interest-only loans range from $50k - $2 million and we fund up to 80% of the purchase price.


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  • Hello, 
    I am seeking funding to purchase distressed commercial property.If you are a direct lender for same, I have a self storage facility in Baton Rouge LA I am ready to purchase and need funding. Would you send to me the criteria which you seek for funding of such properties. Thank You


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