LBG Connect A/K/A Team Lear SCAM

Received the call yesterday......Riley Newman (sp)? Asset Manager.

LBG Connect out of Colorado.  Two assignments to assign.  I need to do free bpo's and then I'll be in system and guaranteed the listing, if and when it needs disposition.

Bank of America referred me to her.  I don't do anything direct with BofA. So, yea no. 

LBG does all preservation, cash for keys, utilities etc. Of course I need to pay $449.00 and this will be refunded at first close.  I told her I needed to research the company and would follow up with her by the end of the day.  She responded with, well I need the answer now as her supervisor is pushing to get these assigned and she has another agent to contact with the same proposition.  I told her to do what she needed to do and I would call her back.  She said she is too busy to receive "phone calls" and she would call me back by the end of the day.  Yea that didn't happen either. 

I called the number back and low and behold, it's Team Lear, not LBG Connect  1-720-515-7037

Everyone must do their due diligence with these scammers and protect yourselves. 

Carry on, work hard and play hard.

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