Anybody know if its worth $199 to get on Lamco's network to get REO listings??sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssSingletary (Tary) H. Snyder, e-ProBroker, Texas Lone Star Realty1015 North Sunset Canyon DriveDripping Springs, TX 78620Off/Vm: (512)892-6800 (512)892-6800 Fax:(512)288-5595 Mob: (512)751-6360 (512)751-6360mailto:tsnyder@snyderhomes.comAlternate mailto:tsnyderus@yahoo.comHomepage:<;NAR (National Association of Realtors) "2006 Good Neighbor Honorable Mention"Volunteers Needed:<;

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  • Hey,

    We are a team of people having experience in manually accepting new BPO orders for most of BPO companies. We are very prompt in accepting orders when they are posted and can accept orders on your behalf for companies like RRReview, Atisource (Ocwen), Clear capital, OLD Republic, Equi-trax, SAM, Proteck, Corelogic, Emortgagelogic, BPO Fulfillment (Mainstreet Val.), Inside Valuations, GoodmanDean, Woodfinn etc.. and other companies.

    We have one year experience and very high success rate in accepting new orders. There is no automated software used, We constantly monitor your email for new order and immediately accept new order when it is available, we do it manually and it is legitimate. We can provide you free service for a day or two if you are interested and accept some orders for you.

    You would pay for accepted orders only, no additional costs. If order is canceled later you don't need to pay for it.

    You can leave all your worries on us for accepting orders, please shoot me an email

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

    Frank Stallworth
    BPO Order Accept

  • Tary,

    Stay away from the LAMCO Network!!! They will do nothing but give you "Lip Services" and empty promises.  

    I was bombarded with phone calls and made the mistake of buying a Lifetime Membership as a Restoration / General Contractor in the Denver Metro area.  

    I was promptly sent three work orders and property inspection requests, I thought "Great" this will be a great source of business!!   All three requests took place in Oct & Nov of 2011. The work was completed within 1-2 days of the requests, and I still have yet to be paid.  

    I couldn't get a response regarding payment from LAMCO for almost four months until I filed intent to lien documents with the county clerk, and then received several calls and emails, the latest containing a settlement offer at 50cents on the dollar. I rejected the offer and turned the file(s) over to a Denver collection agency.

    The Liens, Collections, On-Line Postings and Warnings to other contractors will (hopefully) put the LAMCO Network on the radar as being a Very Un-Ethical Business!!!

    Please don't waste your money!!!

  • They just called me. Not going to do it. Thanks everyone!

  • Those who got REOs from Lamco, What other banks do they handle besides US bank? It seem US bank has quite of few properties in my area. I am considering, but  I am not sure. I have checking on the for a year and I have not sign up yet.

  • No it is not worth it......The salesman cannot tell you if they ever had any listings in your area either.
  • I don't think so in my opinion.
  • I was doing occupancy check every month on a property they sent me, hoping I would get the assignment but come to find after about 6 months worth of checking the occupancy the property went to auction. I never got anything for the work I did.

    Luckly it was only about a 1/4 of mile from my office. I have been receiving the emails to sign back up, but I'm not..

    • I've read so many negative about them.... but they are my favorite.... fees are the highest in industry, easy forms....

      I do like lamco.

  • Now they have raised their fee to $259. Is it worth to join them? Do they have any business in California?
  • i recieved a couple of BPO's and nothing more
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