• They are a first rate company and all I can say is "Good for you, Congrats!"

  • Does anyone know if they are active in North Texas? I could not see any place to sign up on their website. Do you have to be contacted by them?

  • No we didn't get to pick the title company.  They used LSI Title.

    • Okay, thank you so much for letting me know!!  We work with a company called SPS and they control the settlement office...which we are on the rotation...  It may be the case with this company as well... though, they may use LSI title exclusively...  but, I will check it out.  Thank you so much!!

  • I have worked with them and they are great.  They are anxious to get the property listed and sold and so are we.  I loved doing business with them.

    • Hi Kimberly...  Can you tell me if you got to pick the title company?  Or, did they dictate that part?  Thanks!

  • They buy notes and are a PAIN to work with

    carl sanfilippo

    • be careful.... their goal is to make their money and utilize u to help them...... if they dont sell a property themselves, then they may give it to a realtor------ it just depends on their portfolio in the area..... they are not a safe bet as you will work your tail end off for no return.... then they may turn around and give u a 30k house to dump..... there are better ways to mk $$$$$

  • I did a bpo for them and it has been over two months. There is an agent in my office who has completed a good number with 0 return on her time. I called the person and emailed that sent me the bpo to check on the portfolio the other day with no response.
    I have only seen one property listed for this company. (not my listing) Had a buyer who wished to purchase it, they wanted to net too much. Property is still on the market and is now worth less than what my buyer offered.

    Not certain that I will use my time to complete another bpo with no returns being seen for anyone.....
  • I love them, they easy to work with. Very enthusiastic and progressive.
    I've sold for them and have more in the pipe line for them. Yes they will not pay for BPOs, but if you good with your work, and very important with your follow ups, you have a good chances on getting your reos, it can take time, but will come for sure. I'm a good example of that.
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